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Tracking records demo
About Tracking Visitors System
Our Tracking Visitors System is DIFFERENT from other Tracking Systems, traditional systems ask you to insert JavaScript code or Flash, but in©and© and many other web sites and wap sites are not allow users to do this. So those systems will not work.

Our system is suitable for any web sites or wap sites, it doesn't need special runtime environment, this means that it will still work normally even if you are not allowed to insert JavaScript or Flash. Web sites or wap sites, we all can track.

How to register to be member?
Visit Register Page, in order to prevent software robot registering automatically, our system require entering rand code manually, and your name, valid email address, and password you wanted, then click 'Register' button to complete registration.

In order to stop flooding registering, our system will ask you to check activation email, and click included link to activate your account.

Why does it always prompt that: Un-active Email ?
In order to stop flooding registering, our system will ask you to check activation email, and click included link to activate your account.

Check your mailbox, or click the 'Resend activation email' to receive activation email. Click included link to activate your account.

It is automatically active at present.

How to activate my account?
After completing registration, check your mailbox, or try to login and click the 'Resend activation email' link to receive our email.

Click or copy and paste included link to browser address bar to activate your account.

Attention, don't change any characters of that link, or activation will fail.

It is automatically active at present.

How to login my account?
Visit Login Page, enter registered email and password to login. If failed, a prompt message will be shown to you.
How to create a new Tracking Code?
Login to your account, the first page entered will list your available credits of tracking codes and created codes. Above the created codes table, there is a creation section for you, just input your wanted code name (1-32 chars) and access password (0-32 chars), then click 'Create' button to finish creation, and at the same time the created codes table will be automatically update.

Attention, if you have 0 credit, you are unable to create new tracking code.

How to insert code to my pages?
After creating code, copy and paste the source code to your target pages, and place it in any position you want, save them and the tracking code will run at once.

If to track your own sites, open source files, paste our source code in any position you need, save them and upload to your host. Tracking code is effective immediately.

If to track supplied pages by other sites, such as social networking, blog, forum, action, video share, news, novel, pictures and so on, just need to insert our tracking code into those pages. Our tracking codes look like picture, that's why we are suitable for any web site or wap site.

How to track online?
Tracking code table will list your created codes, click code's 'View' link or button to visit online tracking page. Meanwhile, system will calculate current day's statistics and show it to you. That page will refresh automatically. Certainly you can click 'Stop Refresh' to stop it, and 'Refresh' to refresh.
Whick kind of sites can be tracked?
We can say, any web site or wap site can be tracked. Only thing is to insert our tracking code. HTML email can be tracked too. So, our system is very suitable for advertisement publisher, blog, social networking, news, commenting, pictures, classifieds and many other sites.

Attention, if client opens your html email which contained tracking code, the column of online tracking page will shown his/her email client application name, instead of http pages.

How to improve tracking experience? Why to create more codes?
Group your pages by usage and place different tracking codes, so that you can see what visitors like most.

For example, place different tracking codes in different pages, and estimate which goods is the most popular.

How to leave message to you?
Visit Message Page, input your name and email address and your message, then click 'Leave Message' button to send it to us. We are always happy to hear you, and get in touch with you as soon as possible.
How to contact the adminstrator?
You can Leave a message, or send email directly to administrator: