Insert an image to Track who is visiting your pages
JavaScript or Flash is not needed, just need to insert an image to monitor your visitors!
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About Us offers a free tool to track internet visitors RealTime! It's easy to use,HTML knowledge is enough already.

Ordinary online tracking tools are based on JavaScript or Flash, but and many other websites don't allow users to insert such codes, even so, our codes are still working normally.

Basic usage is like this:  <img src=''> ,quite easy, isn't it?

Below websites are compatible:
Just few simple steps to monitor your visitors :
  1. Click to login your account. Enter your account email and password to login member area.
  2. After entering member area, enter your wanted tracking code and access password, click 'Create' button to finish creation.
  3. Copy and paste the created tracking code into your target page. The format is like this:
    <img src=''>
  4. Next, just click the 'View' link to enjoy the fun of tracking!

Check the 'Help' page for more informations.

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